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Plastic Enclosures and Junction Boxes

The enclosures is according to EN60529 standard, free from corrosion, compressive property and Insulation, widely used in electronics, communications, firefighting apparatus, control panels, terminal boxes, public accommodation, ship industry, food industry etc.
Temperature range:-40 to +80 ABS: Styrene butadiene PC: Poly Carbonate.

Made of Polycarbonate glass fiber with a few good insulation properties, resistance to chemical corrosion and anti-mechanical properties of extruded, According En60529 standard, the protect degree is IP66. Dust-proof, waterproof and resistant to high temperature of 85 degrees. Pleasing in appearance and performance in solid quality. Are widely used in electronics, communications, fire prevention facilities, control panels, terminal boxes, PCB containers, ships, household equipment, cement, food, chemical medicine, agriculture and other fields.